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Trust & Safety Centre
for Tutors

Nobody takes tutor safety more seriously!

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High Level Security.
TutorSave uses encryption
technology to ensure the highest levels
of security for all tutors.

4-Step Safety Guide.
Stay in control from start to
finish with our 4-step Tutor
Safety Guide.

EasyHire© Agreement.
Keep a permanent record of all
of your tutor agreements in one
place for free.

This is a FREE PDF download.
The 4-step Safety eGuide
This is a FREE PDF download.
Step 1: Protect
Protecting yourself is equally as important as the
safety of the children you are tutoring
Step 2: Prepare
Discover how to prepare yourself quickly and safely
when taking on new clients
Step 3: EasyHire©
Formalise and store all of your tutoring agreements
in one place using our free EasyHire© system
Step 4: Monitor
Monitor the progress of all of your students and
provide clear feedback
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