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Info & Resources for Tutors

Here you can find everything you need to know about TutorSave and more. Simply click on the boxes below to find what you are looking for. If you need any more help please contact us.


How does TutorSave help you get paid more?

Unlike traditional agencies who bump up tutor prices by up to 80%, we don’t charge a penny in commission or mandatory “introduction” fees. This means, if you are with a commission agency at the moment, you can afford to reduce your hourly rate charged to parents and still end up with MORE money in your pocket. Everyone wins!

How does TutorSave help you get paid faster?

Traditional tutoring agencies collect the payments from your clients, take their cut and then pass on the remaining amount to you. This process takes a long time, sometimes days. At TutorSave your clients pay you direct without any delay at all. You can even choose to be paid cash in hand! So, you can always rely on TutorSave for faster (and fairer) payment.

How does TutorSave help you get more clients?

Have you noticed how most tutoring websites have the same tutors coming up at the top of their searches? We listened to tutors and invented a smarter ranking system that gives all of our tutors equal opportunity to be seen by new clients. TutorSave is a level playing field for all tutors where you are rewarded for being proactive, not simply how long you have been a member on the site.

It's easy to get started...

Step 1 - Register Free

Simply click Register Free on the top menu and follow the instructions. It’s Free

Step 2 - Place a Free Ad

Once registered, simply click the ‘Place an Ad’ button on the top menu. It’s Free

You can view all Parents Ads and every Parent can view your Ad - Free

Step 3 - Message Job Adverts Free

Once your ad is live you are free to message all job adverts. You can find all matching job ads within the ‘My Job Board’ section of your dashboard. We will also send you a job alert via email when a new job matches your advert. Proactivity pays - the quicker you can respond to messages or new job ads the better your chances are of winning the business

How to really kickstart your business

  • Tutorsave is free to use for tutors. Simply place a free advert, message parents and when the parent is ready to hire you they can either i) use their 1 free unlock to get your contact details or ii) pay £4.95 to unlock your contact details if they have already used up their free access. Either way, it is completely free for you.

Premium membership for 7 days - £4.95

Tutors also have the option to upgrade to become a premium member. Premium tutors appear higher in the search listings and parents don’t need to pay anything (or use their 1 free unlock) to unlock your contact details. The combination of higher visibility and being ‘free to hire’ makes a premium tutor stand out and attract more qualified leads than a free tutor member. Premium membership for 7 days is just £4.95.

Premium membership for 28 days - £14.95

Tutors also have the option to upgrade to become a premium member. Premium tutors appear higher in the search listings and parents don’t need to pay anything (or use their 1 free unlock) to unlock your contact details. The combination of higher visibility and being ‘free to hire’ makes a premium tutor stand out and attract more qualified leads than a free tutor member. Premium membership for 28 days is just £14.95.

Placing and managing adverts

Why should I place an advert?

You need to place a free advert in order to message (and be messaged by) other users. This advert acts as a profile enabling other users to understand what you are seeking/offering before getting in touch, saving everyone a lot of time during the hiring process.

Should I upload a photo to my ad?

Uploading a profile photo is optional for parents and required for tutors. If you are a parent and you choose to upload a profile picture you can benefit from up to 3x more advert views as tutors tend to feel more comfortable communicating with ‘photo ads’.

How do I edit my advert?

To edit your advert:

  1. Log in and go to 'My Dashboard'

  2. Click 'My Ads' on the left hand menu

  3. Select the 'Edit' button on your advert


The following page is the Edit screen. When you've made all your changes scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Save changes'.

What can’t I say in my ad?

To protect your privacy we screen out all contact details from the free text fields within your advert and any messages you send. Parents can unlock the contact details of their favourite tutor free of charge, then pay £4.95 to unlock an additional tutor’s details. We ask all users to respect the site rules and help us to continue providing a valued service to parents and tutors.

Why hasn't my ad/photo appeared on the site yet?

At TutorSave we take your safety extremely seriously. That means (unlike most other sites) we do everything in our power to keep spam and scams off the site. To do this we've built a complex set of filters that scan every single ad to make sure that there's nothing fraudulent in it. These filters are updated constantly to keep you as safe as possible, but there are always new tricks.

It can take up to 90 minutes to perform the scan fully, so we’d ask you to be patient while this is being completed. It is a critical part of ensuring all of our TutorSave members stay as safe and secure as possible at all times.

How do I remove my advert from the listings?

To remove your advert:

1. Log in and go to 'My Dashboard'
2. Click 'My Ad' on the left-hand menu
3. Click on 'Remove' on your advert

NOTE: Removing an ad means that the advert will be permanently deleted from the site. Your account will still be active, but you will need to create a new ad if you ever need to find another tutor. Note parent adverts expire automatically after 28 days, after which time they will no longer appear in the search listings. Tutor adverts auto-renew after 28 days.

Tutor Toolkit

How many private tutors are there in the UK?

It is no secret that many qualified teachers in the UK are now choosing to offer private tuition in addition to their full time jobs, which is supported by the fact that there are now at least 1 million private tutors in the UK who earn money from teaching pupils outside of school.


If you have a degree in a certain subject that you are passionate about then why not consider becoming a private tutor? Working as a private tutor in the UK is a hugely rewarding profession, a great way to earn a living whilst choosing your hours, and being your own boss.

It has been reported that at least 25% of pupils in the UK have previously used a private tutor, with over 40% of that figure being students in London. With the industry booming, becoming a private tutor is an increasingly popular choice for qualified teachers currently teaching in schools, graduates looking to bump up their earnings or even university students looking to help fund their education.

What qualifications do I need to become a private tutor in the UK?

At the moment there are no regulations in place for the private tutoring industry. This means that legally speaking anyone can be a private tutor with no qualifications. There are no formal certificates for private tuition, there are no exams, you don’t need to have even set foot in a classroom before and there’s even no governing body to regulate the industry. As bizarre as that sounds, it’s all true.


This doesn’t mean that anyone can join TutorSave. We have built a complex filtering system to ensure that all tutor adverts comply with our own strict set of tutoring guidelines. We provide parents with a comprehensive recruitment toolkit to ensure that they can find the best possible match for their requirements, quickly and safely. Our industry-leading EasyHire agreement also enables parents and tutors to enter into a formal agreement before any tutoring takes place - these agreements define all aspects of a tutoring relationship and are stored in your ‘My Account’ for future reference if ever required.

If you teach, hold a degree in the respective subject you wish to tutor or are currently studying for a degree in this subject, you can start by placing a free ad on TutorSave and contacting prospective parents. Gradually you will build up more and more experience and a reputation in your field for being a great tutor with a proven track record.

What should I consider before becoming a private tutor?

Setting yourself up as a private tutor, while not an expensive or complicated process, does have some overheads to consider.


1. Know your Subject’s Syllabus

It is important to have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the syllabus for the subject and board you will be teaching. Syllabuses will vary each year and from board to board. Therefore in order to ensure your students have the best opportunity for success it is imperative to know your syllabus you will be teaching.


2. Lesson Materials

Providing course specific materials and stationery should also be considered, and if you offer tutoring from your own home you may wish to think about other costs such as utilities and refreshments.

Think about the cost of printing off materials for your students. If every student requires a range of worksheets, past papers along with other resources, then it is going to cost you dearly in ink and paper. It is worth thinking about. As a private tutor you are essentially running a business, and it will all add up.


3. Get a valid and up-to-date DBS check (CRB Certificate)

Before signing up and applying for tutoring jobs, we strongly recommend that organise and pay for a DBS check (CRB certificate). We advise all parents to run background checks on all of the tutors they are considering hiring, so this will save you time and make you appear more professional from day one. Here is all you need to know about organising your DBS check.

Before you place your free ad make sure you are clear about whether you are willing to travel, whether you would like to provide online tuition, whether you are willing to provide course materials and how much of your time you are willing to commit. It’s important to have a clear idea of your costs and how much you want to earn, what’s realistic for your experience level and only then can you decide on and set your hourly rate.

General FAQ

What is TutorSave?

TutorSave is the fastest growing network of top tutors in the UK. We operate differently to traditional fixed-fee and commission-based tutoring agencies, providing parents and tutors with a 0% Freemium service. In fact, 95% of our members never pay us a single penny to find their perfect tutor.

Parents can unlock the contact details of their favourite tutor free of charge, then pay just £4.95 to unlock an additional tutor’s details (a fraction of the cost charged by other agencies). Tutors have the option to unlock their own contact details for all parents and appear higher in the search rankings from just £4.95.

What is the lowest price guarantee?

All of our tutors guarantee to provide their services at the lowest price or they will refund you the difference plus 25%. How? They are more than happy to do this because we charge 0% commission, so even if they charge a lower hourly rate than on competing websites and agencies they can still end up with more money in their pocket. It’s that simple!

Why set up email alerts?

Looking for a Tutor? We have an ever increasing number of top tutors looking to provide their services, so make sure you are the first to hear about them, before they get booked up! Setting up email alerts is a great way to get started with your search.

When you place a free ad, however, you will be able to message (and be messaged by) tutors, receive instant email alerts and get daily updates, which will notify you of any new ads matching your requirements as they arrive. We will also notify you as soon as a tutor has looked at or liked your ad.

How much will the tuition cost me, and who do I pay?

We don’t take any commission, so all tuition fees are paid directly to your tutor via the payment method and rate agreed between you before any tutoring starts. Most parents choose to use our free EasyHire Agreement to ensure everything is formally agreed before any money changes hands. Tutoring starts from just £10 per hour.

How do I make a payment?

Paying your tutor - the method of payment for tuition is completely up to you and your tutor. Many in-person tutors like to deal in cash, while online tutors will usually opt for direct bank transfer or PayPal. We encourage all parents to complete our EasyHire Agreement before any money changes hands (it’s free and very simple to set up).

Paying for an optional upgrade - all payments on TutorSave are taken using PayPal Pro. You don’t need to have a PayPal account, it just means that we can offer a wide variety of card payments without storing any of your financial details on our website. Upgrades are one-off payments (no repeat billing) starting from just £4.95.

How much does the tutor charge?

You can see the hourly rate displayed on each tutor's profile page. Tutors often charge different hourly rates for i) Online tutoring ii) In-person Tutoring and iii) Pay-As-You-Go Tutoring. This simply reflects the different time commitments that the tutor has to invest into each service - it is not a reflection of tutoring quality!

Hourly tutoring rates start from just £10 per hour and, remember, there are no hidden extras with TutorSave… the price you see is the price you pay and the amount that the tutor receives in their pocket!

NOTE: Unlike traditional agencies, we don’t bump up tutor prices by up to 80%. That’s why we can offer you the same top quality tutors at their lowest possible prices… guaranteed!

What is Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Tutoring?

This works the same way as Pay-As-You-Go sim cards on your phone. You pay your tutor up front (usually in blocks of 60 minutes) and then you can use these minutes whenever you need them.


Let’s say your child has a question for their tutor between sessions. Instead of waiting until the next session, all they need to do is jump on a quick Skype call (or into a FREE online classroom) with the tutor. If the session lasts 8 minutes then all you do is subtract 8 minutes from your outstanding PAYG minutes. When your PAYG minutes run out, simply pay your tutor upfront for another block of their time. It’s as simple as that!

PAYG tutoring is a very convenient way of injecting continuity and momentum into the learning process. Tutors tend to charge a little more per PAYG hour due to the ‘on call’ nature of the work involved.

Where will the tuition take place?

This will be entirely up to you and the tutor. Perhaps you have decided that you only want to have lessons at home: you can simply tell this to any tutors you message through our site. Most tutors will be willing to travel, and our search facility will show a listing of tutors located in close proximity to you. Many students prefer to have the tuition take place in a public location, such as a library or coffee shop. Many tutors also specialise in online tuition, negating the need for travel.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Forgotten your password? Don’t worry, help is at hand. Simply click here and follow the instructions. It will only take a moment.

Where do I find my messages?

We will notify you via email when you have been sent a new message. The easiest way to find it is by clicking on the link in the email - this will take you directly to the private message board between you and the tutor.

You can also access your messages by clicking the ‘My messages’ tab of your dashboard. You will find all conversations within the ‘inbox’ tab. Simply click on the relevant tutor to view the private message board between the two of you.

What do I do if my tutor does not message me?

Our purpose at TutorSave is to bring both parent and tutors together, but the tutors actually work for themselves, so they decide who they will get in contact with. It might be that the tutor you contacted already has a full schedule. Please do not be discouraged - there are plenty of top quality tutors available to choose from. We encourage parents to message at least 3 tutors to maximise the probability of getting your perfect match. Also, keep an eye on how long a tutor takes to respond and when they were last logged in. This will give you an idea of how quickly they will respond to your message.

How do I leave feedback?

Your tutor can choose to send you a review request to fill out once your tutoring is underway. Simply click on the link in the email and follow the instructions on screen.

It is important to note that reviews are essential to a Tutor’s livelihood on TutorSave, so we ask that parents take a few minutes to submit a thoughtful and accurate review when a request comes through.

TutorSave is a growing online community built on trust and transparency - taking a few minutes to submit a tutor review really helps us to continue delivering a top quality service to both parents and tutors.

About TutorSave

Can you find me a tutor?

We're not an agency so we can't find (or personally recommend) tutors for you. However, our Customer Service team are on hand to help you get the most from TutorSave©.

Do you pre-check advertisers?

It wouldn't be practical (or possible) for us to check every advertiser on the site. We do, however, take the safety of our users very seriously, lay out clear safety guidelines within our Trust & Safety Centre and put in place a range of safety measures to protect all users:


All adverts are screened before they are made live

Customer ratings and references are displayed on tutor profiles

Tutors can upload CRB checks for users to see

Tutors can upload video interviews

Users can report anything suspicious

How do I search TutorSave?

The easiest way is to use the quick search box on the homepage - just enter a subject and postcode. Then click 'search' to get to the results.

You can carry out an advanced search with more options by clicking 'Match Filters' on the panel on the left-hand side of the search results page.

When you find an ad you like you can message the advertiser using the ‘Message Me’ button. Remember, parents can unlock the contact details of their favourite tutor free of charge, then pay just £4.95 to unlock an additional tutor’s details.

How your account works

How does the upgrade system work?

TutorSave is free to use. In fact around 95% of people who use TutorSave never pay us a penny.

Parents can unlock the contact details of their favourite tutor free of charge, then pay just £4.95 to unlock an additional tutor’s details (a fraction of the cost charged by other agencies). Tutors have the option to unlock their own contact details (making them ‘free to hire’) and appear higher in the search rankings, from just £4.95.

How does the contact system work?

There are three different types of contact you could receive in relation to your advert...

1. Email Alerts - these are sent by TutorSave each time a new tutor views your advert. Simply click within the email to view the Tutor’s full profile on the site

2. Direct messages or replies to your advert from other users. We'll notify you of any new messages by sending a 'message alert' to your registered email address, which will contain a website link to your private message board with this tutor.

3. Interest Shown - you'll get these when a user clicks the 'Like' button on your advert. This is a free service any member can use to show interest in another member’s advert. You can see a list of all interested tutors within the ‘Who likes me’ section of ‘My Fans’ on your dashboard.

Where do my messages go?

Once you place a free advert, it is free to message (and by messaged by) any tutors on the site. You can send an initial message to a tutor via the ‘Message Me’ button on their profile. When the tutor replies (or initiates a conversation) we will alert you via email. This email will include a link to view the full conversation within the ‘My Messages’ section of your dashboard. Alternatively, you can simply login and view all conversation directly within the ‘My Messages’ section of your dashboard.

Why is there a delay in sending my message?

The main reason TutorSave uses an in-house messaging system is because it's safe. It means you don't need to give your email address to anyone until you choose to (and also means your email can't be collected by automated software and added to spam mailing lists).


By using our own messaging system it also means we can monitor message content and keep an eye out for scams. That doesn't mean we read your messages - an automated filter, which we update regularly, scans messages for any of the tell-tale language used by scammers and we can quarantine these messages before they're sent. It also means, on the rare occasions we think a scammer has been sending messages to users, we can warn anyone they've been in touch with.

This does mean there can be a short delay in your message being sent but don't panic, it just means it's being checked by our system.

Why have I not received a response yet?

Some users check their email and/or log into TutorSave less frequently than others - you should be patient and allow at least 48 hours for a reply.

If the user decides, for whatever reason, that you are unsuitable, they may choose to not respond for fear of offending. We try to encourage tutors to respond to all messages, but they have the right to decline if they wish.

Other reasons beyond our control could be a user supplying an incorrect email address or the tutor’s schedule is full up. We send regular reminders and make it very easy for users to tell us when their schedule is full but not everyone removes their advert in good time. We're constantly working on better ways to remove adverts earlier to remedy this.

What can I do if I don't receive a response within 2 days?

Don't wait around for someone to get back to you - keep looking in the meantime. We have plenty of great tutors to choose from and you can message any tutor free of charge. If you haven’t already, consider broadening your search to include online tutors. Many students prefer online tutoring and there is a much wider selection of tutors making it the best way to find a perfect match at the most affordable price.

I no longer need to use the site. How do I delete my account?

You just need to let us know and we'll do this for you. We can either deactivate the account (so you don't receive any further contact from us until you're ready) or permanently close the account. TutorSave belongs to, so deleting your account will mean losing access to all products and services.


Click the ‘Contact us’ link on the bottom menu and submit a request using the form provided. A member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.